Wax-em Water Polo

Boys  & Girls  ages  6-18        

come to the pool and we will teach you how to play !

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Marcelo Adas - Director, Wax'em Water Polo Club 

For 22 years Marcelo Adas’ Wax’em Water Polo club has produced top ranked teams and athletes.  The talent that emanates from the club, as well as the national and regional coaching awards he has received, is evidence of his ability.  All SCCAL programs benefit from Adas’ dedication to the sport and its athletes.  From Aptos to Scott’s Valley, it’s difficult to find a top player that has not been influenced by Marcelo, and many had their first water polo experience within the club’s pre-high school program.  Beyond high school, dozens of his athletes have gone on to play in college, and numerous have achieved All-American status and won NCAA championships. (see Wax'em Alumni) 


His practices are fun, which drives retention rates and attendance up.  The stars that come out of this program practice constantly and enjoy it.  Marcelo’s methods for teaching balance in the water while handling the ball are phenomenal.  When evaluating a Wax'em practice, consider how many times each athlete touches the ball.  Not only do skills improve with touches but enjoyment is highest when an athlete gets to handle the ball.  Marcelo’s multi-cultural coaching and playing experience stem primarily from South America, the US, and Eastern Europe, and is unique to Wax’em.  

Coach Adas’ Accomplishments


·        B.A. in physical education from FEC, tn Caetano in San Paoulo, Brazil. 

·        Qualified for the CCS playoffs 19 years running

·        2002/2003 CCS champion.

·        Coaches representative for the men’s side of the SCCAL   

·        CCS Water Polo Honor Coach of the Year 2001 and 2013.

·        SCCAL Water Polo Coach of the Year 1995-1999 & 2001-2009

·        Pacific Zone Development Coach of the Year 2001.

·        Pacific Zone Nominee for USA Development Coach of the Year 2001.

·        18 time straight Santa Cruz League Championships

·        Runner-up in the Junior Nationals Tournament in 2002 (Commerce-LA).

·        Head coached Pan American Champion Hebraica in the 1987 Maccabi Games.